The predictions for Win IPL 2022

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Indian cricket lovers are the biggest community amongst cricket fans spread around the world. Most of us plan our daily schedules according to the Indian cricket team match schedules when some big tournaments are held in any corner of the world. One of such widely loved cricket tournaments is IPL 2022, which is adored by one and all!

Excitement prevails everywhere as soon as our favorite teams appear on the cricket ground. IPL or Indian Premier League 2022 is a widely followed cricket league held at the national level. The cricket festival commenced on March 26th and will end on May 29th, 2022. There would be ten teams playing this year in IPL, with Gujrat Titans and Lucknow SuperGiants being the new entrants. 

The participant teams are as follows: 

  • Chennai Super Kings
  • Delhi Capitals
  • Gujarat Titans
  • Mumbai Indians
  • Kolkata Knight Riders
  • Sunrisers Hyderabad
  • Punjab Kings
  • Lucknow SuperGiants
  • Royal Challengers Bangalore
  • Rajasthan Royals

Astrology predictions about IPL 2022

Astrology is an ancient science of making future predictions. It considers the planetary positions in the sky and the planetary details imbibed in one’s Birth Chart. Then both, this information is carefully studied and analyzed to come up with the most accurate future predictions. It is not less than a dream come true for cricket enthusiasts if they could know Who will win IPL 2022 in advance!

The best astrologers, by taking into account the naam rashi or birth name, can very well predict the chances of winning or losing of a particular team in IPL 2022. If you wish to know how bright the chances of your favorite team winning are in IPL 2022, then please stay along.

Astrology Predictions for various teams in IPL 2022  

Chennai Super Kings

Chennai Super Kings is all set to maintain its prestigious tag of 4 times IPL champions, with its strong team under the captainship of Ravindra Jadeja. Looking at the astrological details of CSK in IPL 2022, the team will perform brilliantly in the tournament. However, with a few bad placements of planets, CSK may lose some matches initially but will gear up at the fastest speed towards the end and will reach the finals. As per the name sign of CSK, it is a Pisces ascendant. Saturn is placed in Capricorn for now, forming an axis of 3/11. Further, Jupiter will be placed in Pisces in mid of the tournament, which strengthens its kundali for performing well in the tournament. To add to it, the birth name of Dhoni suggests Libra ascendant where Saturn is creating a 4/10 axis; this may not be as impressive, but with transits taking place in mid-April, his performance will shine up so will his teams’. 

Mumbai Indians

Under the captaincy of Rohit Sharma, Mumbai Indians have already won the title of 5 times IPL champions. As per IPL 2022 astrology, the name sign of Mumbai Indians is Leo. Rohit Sharma is a Libra ascendant. Saturn in Capricorn is forming a 6/8 axis which is not apprehensive. They may not perform brilliantly as they did last season. Rohit Sharma may perform average to good but not sufficient to hold a win for his team.

Kolkata Knight Riders

The captain of Kolkata Knight Riders is Shreyas Iyer for the year 2022. As per astrology IPL 2022, KKR is a Gemini ascendant, and the captain Shreyas Iyer comes under Virgo as per his birth name. Saturn is transiting through the eighth house of KKR kundli, which talks about obstacles and hurdles to achieving success. Some improvements are likely towards the tail, but till then, they may not even survive to reach finals. For Virgo, too, things are not much supportive for performing well.

Royal Challengers Bangalore 

RCB is all set to put its foot forward in IPL 2022, under the captaincy of Faf du Plessis. According to IPL 2022 Astrology, RCB is denoted as Libra ascendant. Saturn is a yoga karaka planet for them and transits through the Fourth House of kundali, making a 4/10 axis. This is a good position for them. With further transits of Jupiter and Saturn, the team is likely to perform even well ahead of mid-April. At the beginning of May, Saturn will stay in the team’s fifth house bringing new opportunities, even chasing the cup! There are bright chances for RCB to win their maiden IPL cup in 2022. The captain under the Taurus sign will also outshine others through his brilliant performance.

Delhi Capitals

Delhi capitals are giving tough competition under the captaincy of Rishabh Pant. According to IPL astrology 2022, DC comes under the zodiac sign of Cancer. And the captain belongs to the Virgo zodiac. As per their chart, the team is undergoing Shani Sade Sati which may bring immense support from the masses, but performance may not remain up to the mark. With Jupiter entering their ninth house in mid-April, their performance may improve, and they will not look back. In matches scheduled after the 12th of April, their performance will be skyrocketing, taking them near to winning. But Saturn will pull their leg from the eighth house at the beginning of May. So, they may perform well to get into the finals but will not win the IPL 2022 cup. 

Rajasthan Royals

Rajasthan Royals are Libra ascendant as per their name sign which goes in their favor. The team as a whole will do well as the support of both biggies Saturn and Jupiter are pushing them forward to perform better. However, the captain belongs to the Aquarius ascendant, which is not impressive. Saturn in the twelfth house of the captain will not bring name and fame to his team; rather, they will face obstacles. The kundli of the team is good, but the captain lacks the support of the stars. He may play slow and face challenges in making big scores.

Punjab Kings

The astrology analysis of Punjab Kings says that the team’s kundli belongs to the Gemini ascendant, where Saturn is placed in the eighth house. This position may bring obstructions and delays in the fulfillment of desires. However, from April 12, performance may improve, but it is important to survive till that day. Captain Mayank Agarwal is an Aquarius native who is again facing challenges performing well. Lots of conspiracies and mental stress may surround him to take down his performance in IPL matches.

Sunrisers Hyderabad

Sunrisers Hyderabad is here to try realizing its dream of winning the IPL cup 2022. It has won the title of the winner only once. Their captain is Kane Williamson. Both the team and the captain belong to the Aquarius ascendant. It gives an indication of moderate to good performance in IPL this year. They may try hard but winning the IPL cup will remain far from reality this year.

Gujrat Titans

Gujrat Titans have made their debut in the IPL Season 15 in 2022. The captain of this new team is Hardik Pandya, a Cancer ascendant. The benefic planet, Venus, with its presence in the ninth house of the captain, makes him provide the right guidance to his teammates. They have good chances of winning most of their matches in IPL 2022.

Lucknow SuperGiants

Lucknow SuperGiants is again a new team and would run its horses under the guidance of the captain KL Rahul. The captain falls under the zodiac sign of Libra and is holding a Shasha Yoga formed by Saturn in his kundli right now. This is a kind of raja yoga meant to bring finesse to work and fame. This gives an idea of their superiority over other teams this year. The team will perform well to fructify his raj yoga and give tough competitions to all the teams participating in the tournament.

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