Can astrology predict winning the lottery?

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A horoscope contains information about all aspects of life including winning a lottery! The person may or may not win a lottery, depending upon the planetary placement in his/her chart and the influence on the houses responsible for winning a lottery. Now, a lottery may be of a small amount or a gigantic international lottery jackpot. First of all, there must be a promise of Winning Lottery in the birth chart of the native. Then the strength of the planets making this lottery winning yoga is checked to ascertain the quantum of the winning amount. Let’s understand the astrological combinations required for winning a lottery for an individual.  

Can astrology predict winning the lottery?

The answer is certainly yes! There are various houses in the birth chart that mainly concern with the wealth and materialistic richness of the native. These houses are analyzed to know whether there is a promise of winning a lottery in a native’s chart.  

  • The 2th house- It represents the wealth, bank savings, family wealth and valuables owned by the native.
  • The 5th house- It represents gains through lottery, betting, gambling, stock market and speculative activities.
  • The 8th house- It represents gains and losses through sudden means. It also shows money of other people. 
  • The 11th house- It represents the income, gains, earning and social network of the native.

Now, we have to check the influence of the planets on these houses and their Lords. If the 5th house which is majorly seen for gains through speculative activities and lottery has the influence of either Mercury or Venus or both of them together, then person may earn handsomely through lottery, stock market and speculative activities. 

  • The presence of Rahu in the 5th house while having the aspect of Mercury or Venus also gives strong indications of gains through speculation or winning huge lottery money. 
  • If the 5th and 8th Lords are in a conjunction in the Kendra house or in any of the abovementioned houses i.e. 5th, 8th or 11th then also there are bright chances of winning a lottery.
  • If the conjunction takes place in the exaltation or own sign, then this is considered as a very powerful yoga for winning huge money through lottery. In that case, the native may win the international lottery jackpot. 
  • Not just these but there are other yoga for winning the lottery money but for that a learned astrologer has to carefully check the Birth Chart along with the navamsha chart.
  • Winning lottery involves the role of your fortune as well. You have to be fortunate to be able to win huge money through lottery. Thus, the 9th house also comes into picture while predicting the chances of a person to win a lottery. The association of the above mentioned houses through placement, mutual aspects and the running dasha of these Lords or the planets sitting in these houses i.e. Vimshottari & Chara dashas will give indications for an individual to win a lottery.

Which planet is responsible for winning lottery?

Mercury, Venus, Rahu and Jupiter may help you win huge money through lottery. Mercury is the planet of finance and speculative activities. Venus shows liquid money and luxuries in life. Rahu is a planet of suddenness and Jupiter is known to bring fortune to the native. Their favorable sights at the Fifth House help the native winning a lottery. Not just placement but also the favorable transit of these planets may fetch you big chunk of lottery money. It is equally important that at the time of the transit of any of these planets in any of the lottery winning houses in their own, friendly or exaltation sign, the native is running the dasha of the favorable planets.

Which Nakshatra is good for buying lottery?

There are few nakshatras that are favorable for winning a lottery. If you buy tickets during this nakshatra and then recite the beej mantra of the lord of the Nakshatra till the announcement of the results, your lottery ticket is sure to fetch the first prize! 

  • Rahu Nakshatra: Ardra, Swati, Shatabisha
  • Mercury Nakshatra: Ashlesha, Jyeshtha, Revati
  • Venus Nakshatra: Bharani, Purva Phalguni, Purva Ashada

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