Astrological Prediction for Betting and Gambling as a Profession

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These days, Betting and gambling are good alternatives to making quick money. While money is something that we cannot do without, we also need to check the possibilities of loss in Betting and gambling. Certain precautions are necessary to be applied before we contemplate any speculative venture. Since Betting and gambling are purely a matter of luck, it would be wise to consult an astrologer to get an idea of the situation. Astrology for Betting is a branch that separately deals with insights on the above subject.

Is gambling/Betting risky?

We need to see if you can choose this profession through your natal chart. First, several questions need to be answered, such as these. At Betting, we usually ask,” will I lose?” “When will this yoga arrive?” “is it dangerous?” and so on. Before rushing to conclusions, we need to put in our birth information and see if our stars go well with the betting idea. 

Betting and gambling are a trifle risky affair. One needs to know it is a tricky game but can be pursued as a profession. In some instances, it is found that people have lost more than half of what they have earned through gambling. It is not easy to survive in the speculative world without having a sixth sense or astrological help. Astrology for gambling and Betting is a novel area that expert Vedic astrologers can oversee. 

Does your birth chart support betting?

Gambling is an idea that involves 90 percent luck and 10 percent deliberate planning. Gaining here is not easy all the time, and not everyone can try it with ease. Vedic astrology ordains that the second, fifth, eighth, ninth, and eleventh houses favor the route of success through finance, whereas the eighth, ninth, and eleventh houses support speculative ventures. The second house involves assets that a native possesses as per the kundli predictions. The eighth house displays monetary gains through partnership and marriage. The eleventh house indicates gains through career or business. Ruler of the ascendant and his association with the rulers of the 2nd and eighth houses bring in easy money through speculative ventures. Also, we should check the planets present in these two houses in detail.

To find out if Betting is helpful, study the planets. Houses and signs of your zodiacal chart. The planets that oversee betting and gambling areas in our chart are Moon, Venus, Rahu, and Mercury, indicating earning through stock markets. The combination of benefic Jupiter and Venus helps win a huge lump sum in the lottery draw. This is how your birth chart supports betting. Some people are consistently lucky at betting.  Hence let us see how astrological predictions help gambling as a profession. 

What are the astrological predictions to have gambling as a profession?

Signs that bless the speculative purposes are Taurus, Cancer, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, and Pisces. In your horoscope, suppose any of these houses happen to be the fifth house. The probability of winning easy money gets augmented. 

Benefits of houses of the horoscope

Saturn in Virgo bring unprecedented gains in the gambling field. These are the astrological predictions to have gambling as a profession. Now over to planetary influences, which have an impact on the gambling area.

Which Planet is Responsible for Gambling

Transit of benefic planets over the fifth, eighth, and ninth house will multiply the gains from gambling. Many people have experienced winning via lottery when Jupiter has transited over their eighth house. A beneficially placed moon in the fifth with no bad influences on the twelfth house assures you of a consistent and good margin of gains in the betting sector. Venus and Mercury favor winning the lottery occasionally during your life. With strong Rahu in 5th house, money is earned through taking calculated risks. Rahu, otherwise, is incapable of extending any luck to the native in the betting and gambling sectors. Supportive charts like D10 that indicate profession can also be seen for luck in the speculative business. 

Planets that hate betting and gambling are Jupiter, Saturn, and Ketu. They support getting money through challenging work and patience. Especially Saturn is very much inclined to that. Jupiter has a pronounced sense of wrong and right and is opposed to making quick bucks. Ketu is intensely spiritual, and he is not watchful of money matters. We can know which planet is responsible for the lottery by using the same rule. 


Betting and gambling are surefire ways to make quick money. They make the process so tempting and addictive. We must be on our guard, make the right move at the right time, work on the uncertainties through astrological guidance from an adept astrologer and seek the blessings from planets.

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